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Vinyl flooring is famous for many homeowners because it is durable, easy to clean, and affordable. However, dirt and grime can build over time on the floor's surface. This article will help you with some tips on how to clean Vinyl floors.

  • What's In Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is made from vinyl plastic. Vinyl plastic is a polymer material in products such as upholstery, automobile parts and sporting goods.

Usually, the vinyl floor has four layers:

_At the bottom is the backing layer, made from foam or cork and used as the underlayment, so you don't need to install another one below your vinyl flooring.

_On top of the backing layer is the waterproof layer, which is in charge of withstanding water exposure without compromising the floor quality. According to TheKingLive, there are two types: WPC (wood and plastic deposit) and SPC( stone and plastic deposit).

_The third is the design layer, usually an enhanced digital photo mimicking high-end materials like wood, stone, and marble.

_The last one is the wear layer; its thickness will decide how good it is for protecting your vinyl floor from foot traffic, scratch, dent and everything else.

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  • Best Cleaning Tools

Although vinyl floors are durable, you still need some appropriate cleaning tools to keep your floor in tip-top shape. The King Live has a complete list:

-Brooms: A soft one is preferable. Vinyl may withstand water and stains; a rough broom can still give it tiny scratches.

-Dust mops: Unlike a broom that needs to weep back and forth, a mop is easier to use when all you need is to glide across the floor. A dust mop is also effective against hair and small dust on the floor.

-Vacuums: Against common belief, vacuuming your vinyl floor is perfectly fine. The only caution is to avoid one with a beater bar since it can scratch your floor's surface.

-Vinyl floor cleaner: You can use a commercial brand or DIY. Make your own cleaning product by mixing water, vinegar and a little essential oil for refreshment. Pour the mixture into a mop bucket, and you're good to go.

  • Cleaning Steps

The process is straightforward and you don't need expensive products to keep your floor looking good. Here we'll show you the Best Way To Clean Vinyl Floors - How To Clean Vinyl Flooring:

-Remove surface dirt: it is recommended that you sweep your floor daily. Pay attention to corners and underneath furniture. Use a broom, vacuum or dirt mop. If you use a vacuum, switch off all settings for carpets.

-Mop. If you clean the floor daily, choose a mild cleaner. Dish soap is an excellent choice for the kitchen floor with all the dirt and grease. Read your commercial product's label to ensure it's suitable for your type of vinyl floor.

-Rinse. Cleaning your floor again after mopping with water is highly recommended. This way, your floor won't be left with streaks or soap residue.

Keeping your vinyl floor clean is easy, especially after this article. All you need is half an hour every day following these steps above and your floor will always look new.

How to Clean Vinyl Floors The Easy Way

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